BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies

The BA (Hons) Islamic Studies degree is distinctive and highly relevant in today's multi-cultural and multi-faith society. It aims to bring about sound knowledge and understanding of Islam in its diverse historical and contemporary practices.

The course is unique in that it lays the foundation of a good understanding in students through the teaching of core Islamic sources such as the Arabic language, Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh (jurisprudence) and Sirah (life of the Prophet). It then goes on to broaden this understanding by introducing students to subjects that will help to enhance their understanding of contemporary issues and challenges.  Students will be encouraged to explore subject areas that will help in the development of research skills, critical enquiry and understanding of other faiths through dialogue and interfaith activity.

The course employs a range of teaching and learning methods both in and outside the classroom. As students progress in their studies, they will be encouraged to specialise and pursue their own areas of interest which may lead to future career development e.g.  Islamic education, finance, legal studies and post graduate Islamic studies. The course is taught by an experienced and enthusiastic team. 

Students applying for this degree are expected to come from a variety of educational backgrounds, from traditional ‘A’ levels to Darul Uloom students, who may be eligible for exemptions through Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).


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Modules on the Course

Year 1

Core Modules: Classical Arabic 1, Introduction to the Qur'anic Sciences, Introduction to Research Methodologies and Academic Writing, Introduction to Hadith Sciences, Introduction to the life of the Prophet Muhammad and Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence

 Year 2

Core Modules: Classical Arabic II, The Formative Period of Islam 632 – 1258 CE  Introduction to Religious Studies Islamic Philosophy and Theology

Optional Modules: Muslims in Britain and Contemporary Europe, Inter-Faith Relations, Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, Islam and Gender, Islam in the Modern World, Development of Islamic Thought in South Asia: 1707 -1947 CE.

Year 3    

Core Modules: Dissertation

Optional Modules: Islamic History 1258 – 1798 CE, Islamic Jurisprudence: Objectives of Law, Schools and Movements in Islamic History, Sufism: from Classical to Contemporary Times, The Muslim World in Literature and the Media, Christian – Muslim Understanding, Islamic Education and Islamic Banking and Finance


Career Paths

The BA (Hons) Islamic Studies will prepare students for a variety of careers, either directly after graduating or after further training, include the following:

  • Faith leadership roles 
  • Teaching
  • International development
  • Human resources and administration
  • Various post-graduate opportunities


Application Form

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