British Cultural Awareness programme for Imams

The British Cultural Awareness programme which is also termed as Diversity and Dialogue has been delivered by MIHE regularly since 2006. It is usually a 12 day programme which is delivered over a specified period of time in 3 blocks of 4 days at a time. Although the final programme is tailor-made based on the socio-cultural and academic background of the participants, it is structured around three major themes which run throughout all three blocks. These are as following:

  • Political, Religious and Cultural history of Britain, History of enlightenment, and history of arrival of Muslims in Britain.
  • Skills session – Counselling, listening, speaking skills as well as preparation for Friday Sermons (Khutba).
  • Relationship with other faith communities like Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism as well as local authorities, police and media.

Once the initial agreement involving cost, structure, and other terms, has been reached, we normally request the CV’s of the potential participants so that a custom made programme can be designed to best suit the abilities of the intended individuals. A draft programme is then forwarded to the sponsoring organisation for their comments.