MA in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management

Course Leader: Alija Avdukic 

The Islamic Banking, Finance and Management programme aims to develop a critical and analytical approach to economics, banking and management from an Islamic perspective. The programme also aims to provide a greater awareness of Islamic values and principles, through critical reflection on and appreciation of their application in management and financial institutions. Students are encouraged to take a scholarly, Islamic approach to one or more specialist areas of economics, banking or management.

Students can choose to study for one of the following:

  • Postgraduate Certificate which focuses on the study of Islamic Economics and Islamic Banking and Finance together with study of one further module to attain a total of 60 credit points.
  • Postgraduate Diploma which builds on these modules and allows students to study a choice of modules to attain 120 credit points.
  • MA Degree which requires research into a specialist area of economics, banking or management of the student's choice and submission of a dissertation of 15,000 to 18,000 words.

Core Modules:

Module Name Credits Module Code
Foundations of Islamic Economics 15 MF7 301
Islamic Banking, Theory and Practice 15 MF7 302
Islamic Financial Instruments 15 MF7 303
International Management 15 MF7 304
Research Methodologies 15 MF7 211
Dissertation (Islamic Banking, Finance and Management) 60 MF7 400

Optional Modules:

Module Name Credits Module Code
 Regulation and Governance of Islamic Finance  15  MF7 305
 Takaful and Re_Takaful: Principles and Operations  15  MF7 306
 Stratergy, Change and Leadership  15  MF7 307
 Quantitative Financial Methods  30  MF7 308
 Islamic Law  30  MF7 111