Executive Programmes & Short Courses

We offer a range of executive programmes in Management, Education, Economic Planning, Finance, Islamic Finance, Law, E-government/E-democracy, and Software Training delivered by leading academics and practitioners that will undoubtedly enhance the productivity and efficiency of the participants. These programmes are customised to meet individuals and companies requirements.

The Markfield Institute of Higher Education has over 10 years’ experience running International Executive programmes and conferences on economics, law, health care, banking and finance, leadership, environment and management. We have a large network of experts in the field to deliver effective executive programmes.

In addition, we offer short courses targeted at individuals who are aiming to develop essential skills and practical experience required to effectively provide needed help for their community and address personal and social issues.

All short courses and executive programmes we provide are designed to provide professionals the cutting edge solutions to challenges in industry and society.  We are constantly developing new courses to meet the needs of our contemporary society and world.

Please contact our Administrative staff on 01530 244922 or email us on info@mihe.org.uk to book a course or to discuss the details.

Below is a list of some of the recent training programmes that we have delivered of national and International organisations.

Visiting Student Researchers Programme 

Students embarking on a PhD programme come from a variety of backgrounds. Many find that their research skills fall short of the required levels. Even where students have an adequate knowledge of the area of their research, their experience in communication, presentation and academic writing may be meagre. read more

Management and Leadership Courses 

  1. Leadership and strategic management in the Age of Globalisation
  2. Economic Planning
  3. Effective Leadership in Town Planning
  4. Effective Leadership and planning in Public Health
  5. E-government and e-democracy
  6. International HR and cross-cultural management
  7. Business Process Redesign
  8. Building Effective Organisations
  9. Effective Strategic Change Management
  10. Information and knowledge management and e-business
  11. Introduction to Operations Management and waste management
  12. Risk Management



Banking and Finance Courses

  1. Introduction To Islamic Banking And Finance (Introductory)
  2. Introduction To Global Economy & Islamic Financial Markets (Introductory)
  3. Towards Islamic Finance (Introductory)
  4. Application Of Islamic Juristic Principles To Fiqh Al-Mu’amalat (Introductory)
  5. Shariah Auditing (Introductory)
  6. Introduction To Islamic Banking And Finance (Intermediate)
  7. Islamic Law Of Contract Workshop/ Training Program (Intermediate)
  8. Islamic Banking In Practice (Intermediate)
  9. Islamic Banking Ethics And Corporate Governance (Intermediate)
  10. Islamic Economics For Bankers (Intermediate)
  11. Shariah For Bankers (Intermediate)
  12. Theory And Application: Musharakah - Mudharabah (Intermediate)
  13. Introduction To Waqf And Philanthropy (Intermediate)
  14. Islamic Mutual Funds (Intermediate)
  15. Islamic Wealth And Asset Management Workshop Training Program (Intermediate)
  16. Sukuk Workshop Training Program (Intermediate)
  17. Takaful And Re-Takaful (Intermediate)
  18. Introduction To Islamic Banking And Finance (Advanced)
  19. Theory And Application: Ijarah (Advanced)
  20. Theory And Application: Murabahah (Advanced)
  21. Theory And Application: Istisna’ (Advanced)
  22. Risk And Regulatory Challenges In Islamic Finance (Advanced)
  23. Futures Thinking And Strategy Development In Islamic Economics (Advanced)


Community Development

1.Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy

2.Introduction to Islamic Counselling

3.Training for Imams and supplementary school teachers

4.Youth leadership development